Many people believe the key to a long lifespan lies in what you eat, what you do, how you do it, or even your overall outlook on life.

This might be true to some degree, but studies have actually shown that those that feel that they have a purpose in life are much more able to live longer, fuller, happier lives.

If you’re interested to know why you might want to have a purpose, or drive, then this can be real information to take in.

Studies show how you can add years to your life, by having goals, having a purpose, and having the drive to succeed.

The Study: Sense of Purpose Adds Years to Life

Whether you find your calling or purpose at an early age, or later on in life; both provide the person with a way to keep living well into their years because they are looking to fulfill this purpose.

The researchers in this study have taken the time to find out how people can get the longevity that they desire.

Since studying this topic, they have come across many key notes that they found were important, such as having a purpose and finding yourself.

The earlier you find your purpose, the earlier you start working towards it.

By having a purpose, a person can lower their mortality risks at a much higher level than other factors that would typically predict a person’s longevity.

However, they also went on to say that there was no research conducted on the benefits of what this, compared with other factors, have to bring to the table for the person, especially as they change during development.

Their research was published in the Psychological Science journal after examining and taking notes on over 6,000 different participants.

Participants came from all walks of life and purposes and were studied over 14 years to find out more about their daily activities, their lives, and the outcomes of their lives.

Those that died during research study were shown to have a lower purpose in life or no purpose at all.

They also had fewer positive relationships around them than those that continued to live and thrive within their environments with purpose.

The sooner you discover a sense of purpose, the better it is going to be for your outcome.

The provides you with a way to beat the system and get something out of your life by trying to meet that goal you set for yourself.

It has also been shown that this purpose in life is more beneficial to older adults rather than younger ones.

This is because they might feel like they have no direction and, therefore, have no purpose in their lives.

This becomes especially true for those that are working the same job every day, all day. You have no drive or the want anymore because this has become life.

When they change their mindset and find a purpose, they are essentially helping themselves find a way to overcome whatever hardships they’re faced with and ultimately meet the goals that they have when they have a purpose that they need to fulfill.

This was not the only study that was conducted that found that those with a purpose would eventually live longer and be healthier.

There was a study conducted back in 2009 that shows that a person that has meaning in their life is going to have a sense of direction and stick with it, rather than those that didn’t have one.

Those that didn’t were more likely to die within that five-year time span when the study would follow up with them.

There were other studies that show just how important having a purpose in life was when it comes to protecting the brain against aging, memory, and other diseases.

This is because it shows that you are working your brain constantly, and you always need to change.

Alzheimer’s and having protection against this and Dementia are two of the most common brain diseases that people want to ward off, and when you have a purpose, it was shown that you have less of a chance of getting these conditions.

If you are thinking about your brain health, the longevity of your life, and being able to live a longer, fuller, happier life, then think about the purpose you have for being here.

What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Do you have a sense of self and want to continue doing what you’re doing?

Do you need to make a change?

Having a purpose might just be the best thing you can do for yourself when you want to live longer according to researchers.


Francis Rogers Palmer III, M.D.

A world-renowned expert on aesthetics and facial shaping, Francis Rogers Palmer III, MD is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with over 27 years of experience and author. He is an inventor of multiple medical products and devices. Dr. Palmer is an honors graduate of San Diego State University, and received his MD from the University of California – Irvine. He completed fellowships with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.Dr. Palmer has appeared on ABC’s The View, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox News, Dr. Phil, and Entertainment Tonight. He also has been featured in Allure, Fit, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, People, In Touch, The New York and Los Angeles Times. British magazine Tatler named him “one of the world’s best plastic surgeons.” He is the author of The Palmer Code, What’s Your Number? ®.

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