Gut health is critical. Not only because this is how our bodies react to what we eat, but in order to feel your best, you have to eat the right foods.

Your body works together, and when one system is not working how it should be, then the rest of the systems may not work in the same manner.

Keeping your gut healthy is essential to your everyday life.

You can feel much more confident in everything that you do, but also being able to take on the tasks in everyday life for the specifics that come into gut health.

The Importance of Gut Health

With over 40 trillion bacteria in your gut, they are always hard at work doing the things that need to be done.

This is why your gut health is essential, and something to listen to and take the time to understand.

The health that you have is going to go a long way when it is taken care of.

Not having the right balance of gut microbes and bacteria is going to cause a lot of different health issues.

Those who are obese, who have unstable mood shifts, or even diabetes find that their gut health is not as healthy as it should be, which can help to reduce the chances of severe issues from occurring.

Not only that, but the gut bacteria can also change the way that your brain functions and the hormones that are going through your body, which are essential for functioning.

The central nervous system is also something that is affected by not having a balanced number of bacteria in the gut.

A lot of people do not think about the level of bacteria in their gut or what they eat.

The amount of bacteria working inside the body and what the person eats to regulate it makes a difference in the way the body is centered and what the person goes through.

Whether it is physically or mentally, as both can be disrupted when the right balance is not achieved through what is eaten or put into the body.

Achieving Better Gut Health

One of the biggest things to do when you are considering gut health is the amount of gut bugs that can be found inside the body.

These are good bugs or bacteria that work to fight against those external toxins and bacteria that are bad for the body, which can cause sicknesses, like the flu.

Not only that but when you have more gut bugs inside your body, you are better able to absorb vitamins and other nutrients with ease.

If you want to keep your gut health the healthiest it can be, then you have to think about what you put into your body.

Think about eating foods with fiber, whole foods, and nutrition-dense foods that can fuel the body and actually provide it with a more wholesome way to fuel you but also isn’t going to keep you down.

You must think about what you eat when you want to feel better and manage the gut health that you have.

The best gut health starts here.

Since many people are not eating what they should be, this is causing a problem in the way that they feel, even if they are not suffering from gut health issues, but others that might be caused by what they are eating.

Remember, you are what you eat and when you are holding yourself back by eating unhealthy food choices, it is going to show in many different areas of your health and overall well-being.

This is where a lot of the issues arise.

Some people feel that it is not likely that they would be able to change the way they can eat, going from a less than healthy food menu to a healthier one. 

You can change your gut health rather quickly once you choose to eat healthier and put better food choices into your body.

Once this is accomplished, you will feel much better overall in a health-conscious way.

Twenty-four hours is all you need to change the way the bacteria in your gut can send signals through your body.

So, what does good gut health look like? What is it telling us to eat when it comes to having a better, healthier life?

You will want to stick with those vegetables, leafy, green good foods that are going to help balance out the bacteria in the body.

Grains and beans are also something that help to positively even out gut health with the best bacteria.

Excessive meat, dairy and junk foods can cause negative effects in the gut, which means that those who regularly ingest these items may want to consider making a change for better overall gut health and healthier well-being overall.

What Foods to Eat and Enjoy for Gut Health

Many foods are available to calm the gut, but also keep it balanced and healthy.

To do so, you have to consider the food you put into your body.

You are what you eat is something to keep in mind, especially when it comes to your overall gut health.

Pro and Prebiotics 

Pro and prebiotics are important for better gut health.

It is important that you consider eating foods or taking supplements that have these because they help to replace that good gut bacteria.

Probiotics are the gut bugs that are good for the gut to have, while prebiotics is what feeds the probiotics.

Together, they work to provide the best gut health in the person as possible.

There are many foods that you can use and consume, which provide this type of health benefit.

  • Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Fruits
  • Fiber

Some More on Fiber

In order to have the best gut health, fiber is an essential nutrient that should be delivered to the gut.

If you think protein in the diet is important, then you want to make sure that you are not going to neglect something just as important, which is fiber.

Almost all people will get the necessary protein that they need, but not all of them get the necessary fiber that they need in their diet. In fact, less than 5% of people get essential fiber.

This is where they go wrong in the diet that they have because fiber is just as important as any other nutrient that they have.

Fiber is what feeds the gut bacteria, which is what makes it so important.

To maintain that good bacteria in the body, the bacteria needs to be fed.

Fiber is what is going to help you get it, grow it, and keep it.

Fiber also comes with many benefits alone, not just feeding the bacteria in the gut.

You can expect to find that it helps to fight obesity, decrease inflammation in the body in many different areas, and even improves your overall immune function.

This helps to keep the body safe but also helps to keep the person healthier overall.

There are also two types of fiber that you can put into your system: insoluble and soluble.

Soluble options help you get better cholesterol levels, by giving you good cholesterol and lowering the bad amount in the system.

Your blood glucose levels are also lowered, helping you maintain better blood sugar.

Insoluble fiber is great for cleansing the body and providing better digestive health. Grains, veggies and kidney beans are great for this.

Inflammation of the intestine is reduced when you eat the right amount or right fiber regularly.

This is important for those who suffer from diverticulitis.

Those who have severe inflammation of the intestines suffer from something like this, causing even more problems to arise.

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Fermented Foods are Also Just as Important

Those who eat a decent amount of fiber and other nutrients can benefit from also having a fair amount of fermented foods in their system.

Fermented foods can help to feed the good bacteria in your gut, essentially making them healthier, stronger and more of them.

This helps to build a better immune system overall, which is what many want for their overall gut health.

There are many different fermented foods that you can enjoy and ensure that your gut is getting the health benefits that it needs from what you consume.

These foods include, but are not limited to:

  • Sauerkraut: Fermented Cabbage
  • Tempeh: Soy Product
  • Kimchi: Sauerkraut Alternative
  • Miso: Japanese Bean Paste
  • Kefir: Probiotic Richest Food
  • Pickles

Pickled and fermented foods should only be one part of your diet because of the salt levels in these foods.

When the salt is high, this can lead to other health issues.

The diet should be well-balanced with the right amount of foods from many different sources and not just those that provide pro or prebiotics in them.

Other Foods to Eat Often for Better Gut Health

There are a number of other foods that you can consume for better gut health.

Incorporating these other foods into your diet can always be a good thing to keep in mind, as you want to make sure that you’re getting the best gut health possible and they can provide the benefits you need.

Dandelion Greens

Though they are weeds that grow outside that you probably do not think about eating, they are edible.

They are also extremely good for you.

They contain a lot of bacteria that is great for your overall health.


Broccoli is always great for better gut health and overall health.

With this in mind, you can keep these greens on hand.

Whether you eat them raw or steamed or even piled up on top of other foods such as rice or grains, you can find that they are a delicious addition to have on hand.


The name alone is something that keeps everyone away from even trying it, but it is also one of the most delicious and beneficial food you can add to your diet.

Usually found in sushi, it can also be eaten as a snack in a lot of other ways.

It is great for your immune system and your digestive health.


This vegetable is one that many people might not want to eat or like to eat.

They do have a stronger than normal taste and smell, but when prepared well, they can provide the best nutrients that you need for your body.


This is another great addition to put onto or into your food.

When you have this added, you are giving your gut the essential prebiotics that it needs to stay healthy.

This helps to fuel your gut flora, which makes you healthier overall.

Fruits for Your Gut

There are also many fruit options that you can add to your diet to give your gut more nutrients and keep it healthier than ever.

If you’re considering adding these then you can think about using:

  • Bananas
  • Apples

Garlic for Cooking 

Garlic is also something that you should cook with often when making a delicious dish because you want to ensure that you have other ways to boost your immunity and since this helps to feed that great gut health, having it on your food helps even more.


There are many things you can do to increase your overall nutrition, but one of the best things you can make sure to do is add the right amount of nutrition.

Whether you want to continue to use these or not, or just add more of the nutrients that you need to your diet, you can be sure that you are one of the many out there who are considering making a healthier change for your gut health.

Just remember, a happier gut means a healthier you.

When it comes to having better nutrients overall, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best of the nutrients that you put into your system.

Once you do this, you will find that you can benefit from not only the nutrients and vitamins that come from these foods but also a better working system overall.

You are what you eat, so make sure to put good, healthier things in your system over any others that might hold you back.

Francis Rogers Palmer III, M.D.

A world-renowned expert on aesthetics and facial shaping, Francis Rogers Palmer III, MD is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with over 27 years of experience and author. He is an inventor of multiple medical products and devices. Dr. Palmer is an honors graduate of San Diego State University, and received his MD from the University of California – Irvine. He completed fellowships with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.Dr. Palmer has appeared on ABC’s The View, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox News, Dr. Phil, and Entertainment Tonight. He also has been featured in Allure, Fit, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, People, In Touch, The New York and Los Angeles Times. British magazine Tatler named him “one of the world’s best plastic surgeons.” He is the author of The Palmer Code, What’s Your Number? ®.

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